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Website translation from English to Haitian Creole

May 15, 2016

By Ofer Tirosh

Tomedes was recently approached by a client who needed his website translated from English to Haitian Creole in order to market his products to inhabitants of Haiti. We were delighted to be able to help. 

The sole language spoken by 95% of Haitians, Haitian Creole is descended from 18th century French, with significant input from Spanish, Portuguese, Taíno and several West African languages. It is a rich and attractive-sounding language and Tomedes has a number of translators available to translate documents into – and from – Haitian Creole. 

As with the other language translation services that we offer, our Haitian Creole translation is always provided by professional human translators. Human translators bring abilities to the craft that computers are not yet able to rival. Their ability to deal with linguistic subtleties, nuances and idioms mean that human translators can provide a better quality service than machines. And as Tomedes is known for the quality of its translations, we always use humans!

Our global network of more than 5,000 professional translators covers a wide range of language pairings. For this website translation, we contacted our leading English to Haitian Creole translator, who we knew had just become available for more work. Based in Port-au-Prince, her background included marketing brochure and website translation, so she was ideally suited for this translation job. We find that pairing translators’ experience and interests with the work we assign them in this way makes for a better quality translation, so we make a point of understanding our translators and getting to know what makes them tick. 

The client’s website translation was completed quickly and efficiently. He was delighted by the speed at which our hard-working translator worked and with the professional translation that he received. Another happy Tomedes customer!

For all of your business translation needs, contact the Tomedes team today. 

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