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A client asked us to translate his website from English into German, French and Spanish, so we set three translators to work simultaneously.

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Urgent website translation from English to German, French and Spanish

March 06, 2016

Tomedes is often asked to translate websites, business documents and other paperwork into multiple languages at the same time. This is something we can easily assist with, as we have a network of translators spread around the world, covering a vast range of language pairings. 

Most recently, a client asked us to translate his website from English into German, French and Spanish. Having such a large network of professional human translators means that we are able to undertake jobs like this simultaneously, so the work takes no longer than it would if there was just one target language. This was just as well for this client, as he wanted all of the translations completed within a week – and the website was fairly substantial!

Still, as the Tomedes team loves a challenge we were pleased to be able to help. We turned to our leading German, French and Spanish translators and set each of them the task of translating the site into their native language. We always seek to use native speakers of the target language in this way, as it results in a superior quality of translation than if non-native speakers are used. 

Our team of translators got to work at once and each one comfortable completed the website translation within the allocated week. The client was absolutely thrilled with the speed and accuracy of the translations he received. They enabled him to launch the multilingual version of his website in line with his business plan, and all for a great price. 

If you have a website that needs translating then Tomedes can help. We have translators on standby ready to assist you immediately. We also provide a huge range of other business and personal translation services – check out our website for details of the different translation services available.

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