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English to French Canadian translation was provided for a Fortune 500 company website, in the career development section.

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Website Translation from English to Canadian French

December 13, 2011

French Canadian Translation for Fortune 500 Company

It's no secret that we have a long list of Fortune 500 and S&P 500 clients that have come to us for professional translation service. We've been privileged to provide professional translation of documents and website content for many of these companies worldwide. One of our recent French Canadian translation projects was for just such a company, which was directed at a Fortune 500 real estate company website content and career opportunity information. The English to French Canadian translation was just a short blurb of content, but there are future sections of website translation to provide for this same company, as they develop their site in the two major languages of Canada.

We have provided quite a number of French Canadian translations for Canadian businesses, organizations as well as the Canadian government itself over the past year or so. Their continued reliance upon our translation company is, of course, always welcome and appreciated. However, the fact that Canadian businesses, organizations and governmental departments turn to us for language translation service is also a pretty big testament to the quality and capability of our translation company. We've established a bit of a reputation among Canadian enterprises, which we take pride in immensely.

Major and Minor Language Translation; Business Translations Large and Small

Other recent projects for Canadian enterprises have not only been for English to French, or French to English translation, but also for indigenous languages, such as Inuktitut. Few translation agencies can say they've provided Inuktitut translation services for the Canadian government or non-profit organizations – but we have provided this language translation on many occasions. While we cannot insist that we translate every single language on the planet (which many so-called translation services ridiculously do claim, without thinking about how unbelievable it is that a single company has translators for thousands of languages), we can say that we translate every major language, as well as many lesser spoken languages. Inuktitut happens to be one of those lesser spoken languages that we provide translation services for, and believe it or not, it is a lesser spoken language that often needs professional translation. We've provided Inuktitut translation for anything from government organization documents to non-profit brochure translation, and several other projects.

The point is, we are proud to be the translation agency of choice not only for giant Fortune 500 companies, but for smaller and less visible languages and organizations that are often overlooked by other language service providers. Some translation companies focus only on languages, specializations and industry-specific services that have a very high demand and big pay-offs. However, we believe that language service is important no matter how small the business or the translation. Whether it is a document translation of 50 words or an entire website of content, our translation company treats all clients fairly, and values them equally.

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