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A company in Salt Lake City requested human resources translation from English to Vietnamese for a power plant in Vietnam.

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Human Resources Documents Translation

August 07, 2010

Human Resources Translation Service for Outsourcing

Foreign outsourcing for extremely large clothing companies, power and energy companies, toys, electronics, and many, many other consumer industries is very common. Most of the time when you look at something purchased, it says, "made in China" or "made in Mexico," or in Indonesia. These outsourced plants and factories require frequent professional translation service, in order for corporate offices to communicate with foreign employees. For instance, recently a client requested Vietnamese translation of power plant employee hand-out documents, from the corporate office in Salt Lake City, Utah.

There are many advantages to having outsourced employees. However, it often does require professional document translation for things such as employee manual translation, insurance translation, and many other kinds of internal or human resources translation service. While many professional translation businesses take advantage of outsourcing corporations by charging high translation rates, because human resources translation is needed regularly, Tomedes offers the lowest cost translation possible from any global, leading translation company. To receive a free, instant quote on any human resources document translation, employee handbook translation, or any other Vietnamese translation or document translation service, simply use the menu on the left to send your documents, or input the total word count to be translated. You'll receive an instant estimate of our uncommonly low translation rates.

Vietnamese Translation in Salt Lake City; French Translation in Houston

The client requesting translation in Salt Lake City, UT (specific details about any given client is strictly prohibited from disclosure, due to confidentiality agreements) needed Vietnamese translation service for employee documents and hand-outs, which were to be distributed to employees at a power plant in Vietnam. Other documents for human resources translation from English to Vietnamese were also requested in addition.

Similar recent translation projects that we have provided to clients have included Japanese subtitling and translation of a corporate video, power and energy manufacturing translation from Swedish to English, French business translation for a manufacturing factory in Houston, TX, and Spanish translation of employee manuals for many different businesses. These examples are just a drop in the bucket of the human resources document translation service we provide to hundreds of clients every year, in equally numerous different languages. We provide excellent quality, accurate and fast translations of any kind of document for any client.

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