Vietnamese Legal Translation: Navigating HR Contracts with Precision

Tomedes offers the best Vietnamese legal translations for businesses seeking international compliance for human resource and operational purposes. Our legal translators have the legal and linguistic background and skills to ensure your legal documents comply with Vietnamese and international legal standards. In this project, we exhibit our expertise in providing translations for the legal industry.

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Vietnamese Legal Translation

March 20, 2024

The precision of legal translations is not just beneficial—it's imperative. As businesses expand into new markets, the clarity and accuracy of HR contracts in different languages become crucial. This is particularly true for companies operating in Vietnam, where nuanced legal and cultural understanding is essential to ensure compliance and effective communication in diverse workplaces.

In this project, we showcase our proficiency in Vietnamese legal translation, catering to businesses eager to guarantee that their human resource and operational documents are in full compliance with Vietnam's legal framework.

Our Client

Our client is an international consultation firm planning to expand into Vietnam. Because they are planning to expand internationally, they need to ensure that all of their legal documents for human resources and business operations comply with Vietnam's legal system.

This isn't their first time working with us. We have worked with them on countless projects for other countries. Because of this, they trust us to ensure that all their legal documents will be accurately translated from English to Vietnamese. 

The Project

The project is a translation from English to Vietnamese for legal documents related to human resources and business operations. The documents that needed to be translated were employee contracts, NDAs, business compliance requirements, and certificates.

They needed the legal documents to be tailored to the legal standards of the Vietnamese market. However, we were only given 24 hours to complete the project while making sure that the translated text was accurate, precise, and complied with the legal system of Vietnam.

Ensuring Compliance and Clarity in HR Contracts

Many business are expanding their operations and businesses in Vietnam because it is one of the countries that is said to replace China as a global manufacturing powerhouse. The CEIC data reported that Vietnam has a market capitalization worth 211.163 billion USD.

Due to these impressive trends, it's not surprising why our clients and many businesses want to enter this country. One way businesses can save money and avoid legal issues within Vietnam is by ensuring that their legal documents comply with the local laws and regulations.

Unlike other types of translation, legal translation requires not only linguistic expertise but having a legal knowledge of the legal systems of the original and target languages. Having an in-depth understanding of the legal jargon and terminologies used by the two countries' court systems is vital as a single mistranslation can drastically change the meaning of the text. This can lead to legal disputes and penalties in the long term if the documents are translated accurately.

The Challenges

While diligently working on this project, we faced some challenges in translating the legal documents from English to Vietnamese. Below are the three main challenges we encountered during our rigorous translation process:

Legal Precision and Terminology Consistency: Maintaining accuracy and consistency in legal terms across the translations was paramount, ensuring that the legal integrity of the human resource and business operations documents remained intact. Besides working with legal translators, we use advanced translation technology and tools that allow us to easily identify inconsistencies of terms through the use of its internal glossaries and management tools. The use of these tools allows our Quality Assurance team and translators to ensure that all the legal terms translated are consistent throughout all the documents.

Adapting to Vietnamese Legal Norms: The translations had to reflect the specificities of Vietnamese labor laws, requiring a deep understanding of local regulations and how they intersect with HR practices. At Tomedes, our broad network of expert translators has made it easier to build a team for this Vietnamese legal translation project. After assigning tasks to the right legal translators and project managers with experience in similar projects like this one, they were to adapt the English documents to Vietnamese, ensuring that the translated text complies with the local laws and requirements.

Clarity for Non-Legal Professionals: It was essential for clients to produce contracts and NDAs that were understandable to all employees, not just those with a legal background, facilitating clear communication and adherence to Human Resource policies. Our professional legal translators ensured that each Vietnamese legal text in the contracts and NDAs didn't contain any technical jargon that made the text unclear, preventing any future misunderstandings.

Why Tomedes?

Tomedes is trusted by thousands of businesses and law firms worldwide when it comes to providing legal translations for English, Vietnamese, and other 150 languages. Besides our 98% customer satisfaction rate for our translation services for the legal field and other specialized industries, below are some of the reasons why we are the go-to company for professional document translation:

Vietnamese Legal Expertise: Our team's profound knowledge of the Vietnamese legal system and HR regulations sets them apart, ensuring translations are both accurate and compliant.

Specialized Translation Team: Our team boasts experienced legal translators who specialize in HR documents, guaranteeing a nuanced understanding of both the source and target languages.

Commitment to Excellence: We are dedicated to delivering translations that are not only precise but also confidential and timely, upholding the highest standards of professional service.

The Result

The project was successfully accomplished within the client's deadline. After their Vietnamese lawyers examined the legal documents, they were pleased with the outcome of translated texts despite the limited time given to them.

Based on our last correspondence, our client's lawyers have begun filing for the requirements to court and other government firms. They also explained that their human resource department has begun interviewing potential employees and once the hiring process is over, they will use the translated contracts and NDAs.


The legal translations of human resource and business operation documents into Vietnamese is not a mere formality but a critical component of successful international business operations. Our expertise in providing these services ensures companies, like our client, can confidently navigate the complexities of Vietnamese legal and cultural landscapes.

If you're looking to work with an internationally trusted company in Vietnamese legal translation services, you can contact us any time. Our customer success team will respond to your inquiries, regardless of your time zone.

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