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Tomedes was delighted recently to take on a very personal website translation on behalf of a new client.

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US English to Turkish website translation

February 10, 2016

Tomedes was delighted recently to take on a very personal website translation on behalf of a new client. The client was a blogger who had moved to the US as a very young child. Her passion for food had seen her create some innovative recipes from both Turkey and the States and her blog was packed with recipes, hints, tips and general information on preparing delicious contemporary Turkish cuisine.

The client now wanted to translate the entire blog from English into Turkish, to reach out to readers in her motherland, but her written Turkish was not quite up to the task. Enter Tomedes!

We have English to Turkish translators available to take on the translation of everything from personal projects to vast business documents – and all for a great price. For this particular job, we turned to our best Turkish translator in Istanbul, who had previously translated a number of website translation projects. 

The client was in no rush for the translation of her website, but our top Turkish translator didn’t delay. He got to work straight away and within a fortnight had translated the entire website, including all of the lengthy blog posts, delicious recipes and shorter articles full of cooking hints and tips. 

This being such a personal project for the client, she was truly delighted with the result. Her Turkish language website is already generating interest in her former homeland and connecting her with a whole new audience of people who are passionate about enjoying the very best that Turkish food has to offer. 

Whether you have a website, a business letter or a marriage certificate that needs translating, Tomedes is on hand to help. Our expert translators are standing by ready to tackle your translation projects, big or small! Contact us today to find out further details. 

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