A Romanian translation for a regular client

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A Romanian translation for a regular client

April 26, 2015

By Ofer Tirosh

One of our regular clients recently contacted us again, hoping to have a Romanian translation completed in the near future. This client works with a charity and has continued using our translation company due to our proven ability in providing accurate translations at affordable price points.

Because of the client’s familiarity with working with us, she was able to contact Natalie (one of our project managers) directly to enquire about her translation. Natalie was quick to respond, stating that it wouldn’t be a problem to fulfil the clients request and presenting her with a quotation for the translation.

The client was happy to see that the same outstanding level of value that she previously received from us still existed today, and she approved the translation then and there.

Anton, one of our leading Romanian translators set to work on the client’s document, and it wasn’t long before the entire document was accurately translated and localized into Romanian. The fact that Anton was a native of Romania provided a great advantage, as he was able to accurately localize the text, which isn’t always possible if clients choose to hire a less proficient translator or a machine-based solution instead of a professional translator.
The client was thankful to receive the completed translation, and appreciated our quick turnaround time. We look forward to hearing from her again soon!

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