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Recently, a new client needed to hire a Spanish translator in a hurry. He liked the sound of our 24/7 availability, so obtained an instant quote from our website.

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Urgent English to Spanish Financial Translation for a Business Client

September 29, 2019

It’s said that time and the tides wait for no man. Nor, sometimes, do professional translation clients! That’s why our native translators offer an express translation service that has been designed to meet even the shortest of deadlines for our business customers. 

Spanish Translation for Clients in a Hurry 

Recently, a new client needed to hire a translator to deliver an English to Spanish tranlsation in a hurry. He liked the sound of our 24/7 availability, so obtained an instant quote from our website before chatting with the Tomedes team over live chat. The client was also impressed with the value of our translation cost, so asked us to proceed with the work. Moments later, we sprang into action! 

Financial Translation by Qualified Professionals  

At Tomedes we firmly believe that it’s important to pair our translators’ backgrounds with the jobs at hand. In this client’s case, that meant assigning a Spanish translator with a strong background in corporate finance. 

The Tomedes team has spent more than a decade building up a network of translators around the world in order that we can match our clients’ needs to our translators’ experience in this way. Quite simply, it means that we can provide higher quality translation services to our clients, while our translators are working on the subjects that they particularly enjoy. Everyone wins! 

Rush Translation Services for Global Businesses

Our financial translator got to grips with the client’s document, working swiftly and accurately in order to meet his tight deadline. He applied his financial knowledge and linguistic expertise in order to deliver a superb translation in record time. 

The next step was to put the financial translation through our quality assurance process – a standard procedure that ensures that each and every translation that we produce is the best that it can be. All of our translations are quality assured, whether they be written documents or video or audio translations. 

Impressive Results for Business Translation Clients 

The client was absolutely delighted with the result – his translation was ready before his deadline, meaning that he was able to put it to good use earlier than he had anticipated. 

Tomedes has been impressing business customers around the world for more than ten years. If you’re ready to become one of them, why not speak to our team to find out more? You can phone or email us, or chat with us live via our website. We look forward to you joining the ranks of happy Tomedes customers around the globe!  

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