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A recent Tomedes client used our Spanish translation service to engage her team of English-speaking and Spanish-speaking staff

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Urgent English to Spanish Business Translation

November 05, 2019

Running a company can be a tricky business. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that around 20% of small businesses fail in their first year of operation. By year five, around 50% of small businesses fail. 

To maximise the chances of succeeding, small businesses need to do all they can to keep both their staff and their customers happy. Indeed, taking care of the former often leads to the latter. 

A recent Tomedes client understood this perfectly. Based in the US, she employed a small team of English-speaking and Spanish-speaking staff. They were selected based on their superb skills and abilities, so she had the perfect team to allow her company to fulfil its full potential. 

However, employing staff who speak two different languages can pose its own challenges. That’s why the business owner made regular use of translation services, so that she could communicate on an equal level with everyone that she employed. 

Professional Spanish Translation for Businesses 

The US is home to around 53 million Spanish speakers, according to Instituto Cervantes. 41 million of them are native Spanish speakers, while nearly 12 million are bilingual. That means that the US is home to more Spanish speakers than Spain (which has around 47 million speakers)! 

Tomedes’ client had a firm grasp of basic Spanish, but not enough to communicate in Spanish as well as she could in English. She wanted to foster an inclusive and equal culture in her company, so regularly engaged professional translators to translate from English to Spanish for her. Her main requirements centred around emails and letters, so that she could share the same messaging with all members of her team. 

Established wisdom shows the importance of such an approach. Deloitte reports that 88% of employees (and 94% of executives) believe that having a distinct workplace culture is an important factor in business success. And in a highly competitive world, companies need to do all they can to boost their chances of achieving that success! 

Global Business Translations Services

Tomedes has been providing services to business customers for more than ten years. We work with clients ranging from tiny enterprises to giant global corporations and Fortune 500 companies. As such, our business translators are experienced at meeting an incredibly diverse range of clients’ needs. 

Key to providing accurate and timely business translation services is understanding what the company in question does and who the audience of the documents is. Our account managers work closely with each client in order to establish this. We are then able to match our translators’ experience incredibly closely to our clients’ requirements. By pairing sector-specific skills with each job, we can not only provide accurate translations, but also faster translations, as each translator already has a wealth of relevant knowledge to apply to the job at hand. 

That was precisely what we did with this client. Not only were our translator’s Spanish language skills second to none, but her recent translation experience meant that she was ideally placed to work for this particular client. 

Urgent Translation Services for a Fast-paced World

Our pace of life is speeding up. A survey by the British Council found that, around the world, we now walk around 10% faster than we used to. Information is at our fingertips 24/7 and we’ve quickly come to expect same-day deliveries as standard. 

The business world is moving just as fast as our personal lives, with tech developments constantly allowing for increased streamlining and a faster pace of work. It came as no surprise to us, then, when this client wanted to use our urgent translation service for her business letter. You snooze, you lose. 

Tomedes is happy to provide a rush translation service for documents of all shapes and sizes, as well as for other types of media (videos, audio files, etc.). We find that having this option is invaluable to many of our business clients, as they seek to maintain their competitive edge in what can often be challenging economic conditions. 

In the case of this client, she was delighted that we were able to translate her letter from Spanish to English within a 24-hour window. This was precisely what she needed in order to move ahead with her next communication with her staff team. She was also pleased with the translation cost, which was well within her budget. 

High Quality Translation for All 

Would your company benefit from using a high quality, accurate translation service? How about interpretation services or content writing services? Tomedes provides all of these and more. As a professional language services provider, we are here to meet companies’ language-related needs, no matter what they may be. 

You can call us, email us or get in touch via the live chat service on our website to tell us what you need. Our qualified linguists are ready and waiting to help you take your business to the next level. 

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