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A new client approached Tomedes last week with an extremely urgent business letter translation request from English to Chinese

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Urgent English to Chinese business letter translation

May 01, 2016

A new client approached Tomedes last week with an extremely urgent business letter translation request. The letter had been written in English but was to a Chinese contact and so had to be translated. The person sending the letter only had a two hour window for the translation, so their need was extremely urgent. 

Tomedes was pleased to be able to help. We provided the client with an immediate quote, which he was delighted to accept. He even commented that he was surprised by the excellent value for money that Tomedes offered for such an urgent translation request. 

We got our leading Chinese business translator on the case straight away. Based in Beijing, she has translated business documents from around the world into Chinese for us and we knew she would be able to produce a word-perfect Chinese version of this client’s letter in line with his strict deadline. 

Our translator did not disappoint – her flawless translation flew through our quality control checks and we were delighted to be able to return it to the client in plenty of time. 

The client was amazed to have received such a fast service. He had been preparing to explain to his boss why the letter could not be translated on time and instead he received it before his deadline and in flawless Chinese. He has saved Tomedes’ contact details for all of his company’s future translation needs – and we look forward to providing him with an equally excellent translation service next time!

Tomedes’ translators cover a vast range of language pairings, for everything from commonly requested pairings like English and Chinese to those that are more rarely required. We translate business documents, marketing materials, legal paperwork, websites and much more – check out the full list of services on our website or contact us for further details.  

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