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Tomedes translates videos from English to Twi (and vice versa) for various personal, corporate, or marketing purposes. Our native translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate translations of Twi videos. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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Translate Twi Video to Any Language & for Any Purpose

February 25, 2018

page updated January 11, 2023

Spoken by around 7 million people, most of them in Ghana, Twi is a major dialect of the Akan language. Akan is part of the Kwa sub-group of the Niger-Congo family of languages. Tomedes has expert Twi translators on hand for those clients who need their documents translated into or out or Twi. In the most recent example, a client needed a video translated from Twi to English as part of the charitable work he was undertaking. 

Video translation is a growing field. It requires particular expertise not just in language terms, but also in the translator’s ability to transcribe the video file and timestamp the translation. This process ensures that the translated dialogue can be mapped to the visual element of the video correctly, without the two going out of sync. 


Expert Native Twi Video Translators in Every Field and Industry

The client was keen to keep his translation cost to a minimum – after all, every penny counts when it comes to charitable enterprises. This was why the client relied on Tomedes for their translation needs.. He had spotted a Tomedes review that highlighted our company’s particular blend of quality and value for money and was keen to know more. After chatting with our helpful team via our website’s live chat, he was happy to go ahead and have Tomedes undertake his Twi translation

Our professional Twi video translator got to work straight away. Her previous video translation experience meant she was well placed to work efficiently on this client’s project and she had soon produced the required transcription and translation. 


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The client was delighted with the result. He received a high quality video translation in a timely fashion, having paid a very reasonable price – who could ask for more from their translation company?

For all of your translation needs, Tomedes is here to help. Contact our friendly team for further details, or use our website to obtain an instant quote. 

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