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Turkish to English translation of several literary novels was requested by a publishing company in Chicago.

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Turkish to English Translation for Literary Novel

September 23, 2010

Turkish to English translation for Publishing Company in Chicago

With all the buzz about the Booker Prize for Literature, we at Tomedes thought it would be fitting to post a recent translation we provided for a publishing company and/or independent publishers that have recently sought us out for literary translations. While we have been contacted for numerous literary and non-literary book translations in the past, this current request came from a publishing company for Turkish to English translation of a literary novel. This novel has been nominated for several prestigious literary awards, and has recently received a lot of attention from academics, literary agencies, literary organizations and the media in general (our clients' details and info are protected by strict confidentiality agreements).

To request any Turkish translation, literary translation, or any other publication you would like to have translated, please contact us, or use the menu on the left to obtain an instant free quote by uploading your texts, or inputting a total word count. You'll immediately realize how our translation rates compare to just about any top translation company, and that we offer truly low cost translations.

The publishing agency that requested the Turkish to English translation of these novels was located in Chicago, IL, with its affiliates in Turkey and Romania, but we have also recently provided French to English translation in New York for several smaller publishing companies, textbook translation service, and translation for many other kinds published materials. We continue to provide literary translation for academics, publishing companies, and independent publishers who want to market their books and materials on a global level.

Literary Translation, Book, and Textbook Translation for Any Publishing Company or Agency

The best way to reach a maximized audience is to have a literary work translated into as many languages as possible, or even for the markets that have the highest demand for any given publication or novel, such Turkish to English translation. We have a feeling that the Booker Prize for literature just may end up going to the writer who has had his novel translated into the most languages – that is our theory. It can be a very wise strategy to proactively acquire book translation ahead of time. When a literary work or manuscript gains popularity, seeking out literary translation service just before it peaks in popularity and media attention is what many publishers have realized works to maximize global book sales.

Because Tomedes is a premium translation service, we are first choice for publishing translation service for many agencies, companies, and independent publishers. We not only provide perfect translation service for every word of every project, but we maintain optimized relationship between our clients and our translators with our linguistic managers, who keep the project on time and on task. To doubly ensure translation perfection, we also provide each project with translation proofreading by additional translators. If at any time there are questions or concerns, clients can simply contact their linguistic project manager at any time, for personalized and prompt customer service. We believe that this is the most efficient and cost-effective method for providing professional translation service - and so far, we've been proven right.

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