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A client asked Tomedes to provide transcription and translation services for her brief video file, from Turkish to English.

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Flawless Turkish Translation

March 08, 2017

Translation is about more than just converting written documents from one language to another. The team of professional human translators at Tomedes is often required to work on audio and video files, with translation requests for these types of media becoming increasingly common as digital technology advances. 

Most recently, a client asked Tomedes to provide transcription and translation services for her brief video file. Our team can provide such services with or without a voiceover of the translation. In this instance, the client didn’t require a voiceover, just a written English version of what was being said in the video. We set to work immediately. 

Our leading Turkish to English translator is experienced at translating video and audio files, so was delighted to get to work on this client’s job. Pairing our translators’ experience with the client’s job requirements in this way makes for a better quality translation, as does our emphasis on using native translators wherever possible. In this instance, our London-based translator was raised in the UK by her Turkish parents, so grew up bilingual as well as studying languages as a result of her innate passion for linguistics. 

As the client was in a hurry for the English version of her video transcript, she used our urgent translation service. This made sure that we lost no time in producing her top quality translation. 

The client was thrilled with the result. The translation was flawless and provided in excellent time. She was also delighted by the cost of the Tomedes professional translation service, which meant she could enjoy excellent value for money, as well as a word-perfect Turkish to English translation. 

If you are in need of a translation service, contact Tomedes today. You can also use the instant quote service on our website to get an immediate estimate for your job, without the need to interact with a fellow human being. 

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