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Translations for World Expo 2010

April 18, 2010

For those planning to attend the World Expo Shanghai is hosting this year in May, translations of your marketing materials is going to be essential. This is a rare opportunity to share your marketing materials, acquire networking contacts, business contracts or partners, and other value business to business relationships with relevant companies, corporations and businesses from all over the world. However, how will you do that if you cannot communicate verbally with those representatives?

Professional translation services like Tomedes can provide any language pair translation. Whether you need English to French translation, English to Chinese translation, English to Japanese translation, or any other source to target language, Tomedes has professional translators for them all, with skills reaching across all industries. The Shanghai Expo 2010 can be your opportunity to reach more contacts and establish more networks than ever before. To get a free quote on any document translation for the Shanghai 2010 World Expo, send us your file using the top menu, and choose your language pair. You'll receive an instant estimate of our uncommonly low translation rates for any project.

Use the Shanghai 2010 Expo to Your Advantage – Translate your Marketing Materials

The China world expo will prove to be one of the most impressive and best attended world fairs yet, due to China's impressive hosting methods for such cultural events. It will be quite easy to take advantage of the location, attendance, and the volume of business and potential clients and customers to whom you can pass on your translated marketing materials. Whether you need Russian translators, German translators, Italian translators, or any others, all of our native target language translators have industry specific knowledge and experience such as medical and pharmaceutical translation, legal document translation, and marketing and advertising translation. Don't waste a rare opportunity at the Shanghai 2010 expo by being unprepared. Translate your marketing and PR materials for all the languages you think you may need. It's a very small investment for a potentially very large return on strategic business PR.

Recently we have had several clients request English to Japanese translation of business cards in preparation for the World Expo 2010, Shanghai. Several other business clients have had English to Spanish press release translation, English-Romanian website translation, English to Hebrew brochure translation and English to Italian translation of a sales presentation - all within the past few weeks. This could be your golden opportunity to set up a global network, and start an internationally known business presence, simply by using the Shanghai 2010 expo to your advantage: have Tomedes provide you with business card, brochure and marketing translation. Contact us today at, or connect to our live chat for a free consultation.

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