Telecom Translations for Global Collaboration: An Examination of Client Needs

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Telecom Company Translations: What do they need?

November 28, 2023

International partnerships and collaborations underpin many commercial innovations. The telecom sector is a case in point. Mordor Intelligence projects that the US telecom market will grow from a value of $427.43 billion in 2023 to $511.83 billion in 2028. Effective translations enable clear communication and efficient working in the sector in multiple scenarios. 

Our Client

Our client is a digital infrastructure specialist, delivering a range of complex business-to-business telecom services. The client requires communication in English and Spanish on a daily basis. Through its telecom expertise, professional team, and multilingual strategy, the client is supporting businesses in numerous sectors to achieve their engineering, radiocommunications, and edification goals. Fostering clarity and healthy relationships is at the heart of the client’s operations - to add value to each client account through high-quality resources. 

The Challenge

The client’s multilingual and cross-border work gives rise to several challenges. The client must support customers with different regulatory requirements, technological infrastructures, workflows, and cultural nuances – all in two languages. 

Regulatory compliance is a key challenge. Our client must understand each of its customer’s compliance obligations in-depth, including cross-border regulatory requirements, and then support them with appropriate systems and infrastructures.

Corporate collaboration on this scale also requires exceptionally accurate legal and financial translation. This is an ongoing challenge, with no margin for error and a requirement to work at pace. 

Recruiting and onboarding employees in multiple languages is another challenge. The client must provide translated HR assets that cater to its diverse labor force with unwavering accuracy, no matter the language.

Why Tomedes?

Quality assurance and security are paramount for any translation company working with telecoms clients. What does Tomedes provide in addition to those? 

Industry-Specific Expertise: Our network of translation specialists puts accurate linguistic expertise at our client’s fingertips when they need financial, legal, or HR translations no matter which language pairing is required. 

One-Year Warranty for Translations: Our commitment to client satisfaction means we go above and beyond, providing a one-year assurance of satisfaction with every document we translate. 

Robust Incentive Programs: We foster mutual growth with our clients. We forge long-term partnerships that deliver results time and again as client businesses scale strategically and conquer new markets. 

By managing the translation process from end to end, a professional translation service can bring efficiency and added value to international communications. This supports enhanced collaboration and innovation, enabling businesses to excel. 

The Result

Our work with this client emphasized the immense societal benefits that robust digital infrastructures can deliver. They can provide access to essential services, support knowledge sharing, and reach those who would otherwise be at risk of exclusion. The spread of telecom services can also foster participation in the digital economy and facilitate e-commerce both within and across national borders. 

The telecom industry itself also generates extensive employment opportunities and fosters technological innovation at scale. Healthy competition around the globe drives businesses to stretch and transform, embracing new technology to make communication faster, easier, and more beneficial for the everyday lives of billions of people.


If a lack of linguistic expertise is holding your business back, it’s time to take action. Tomedes’ telecom translation services cater to each client’s individual needs. Whether you need legal, financial, HR, or any other business translation service, we can help. Contact us today to discuss how delivering culturally nuanced messaging could support your business to grow successfully. 


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