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We were contacted by a regular client who wished to have some legal documents translated into Tigrinya.

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An accurate Tigrinya translation of important legal documents

July 08, 2015

Our translation company often deals with important legal clients, and we’ve found that both our expert translators and our commitment to client confidentiality are greatly valued by clients from that sector.

Recently, we were contacted by a regular client who wished to have some legal documents translated into Tigrinya. As this client had used our translation company previously, he was able to get in contact with Jerry (one of our account managers) directly and he received a friendly reply within the hour.

Jerry welcomed the client’s custom warmly, and attached a very generous quotation for the Tigrinya legal translation. The client was happy with Jerry’s affordable quotation, and the client knew that our translation agency requires all its staff and translators to sign a non-disclosure agreement before working on client documents, ensuring their privacy.

These two factors — value and confidentiality — led the client to commission the translation, and Jerry sought out our leading Tigrinya translator. The chosen translator had worked on legal documents for this client before, and was thus able to use her experience to produce an accurate and quick translation.

When the completed translation was returned to the client, he remarked on how fast the turnaround time had been, and thanked both Jerry and our professional Tigrinya translator for their help in facilitating a smooth transaction. We anticipate working with this particular client again in the near future.

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