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Tibetan Facebook Page Translation

July 23, 2013

By Ofer Tirosh

Although requests for Tibetan translations are less common than languages such as French and Spanish, Tomedes does have translators on staff to assist with Tibetan translation needs.

Most recently, we helped a Tibetan business translate some of their Facebook fan page posts into English to accomodate some of their English speaking audience. It was a retail chain that has a market not only in Tibet, but some English speaking countries. We had one translator work on the translation and another proofread the posts before getting them back to our client. The entire process took less than 24 hours and our client was pleased with the results.

Tibetan Translations

To get the best translation results, you need to hire a professional translation company that has expert translators in the Tibetan language.  The Tibetan language has many different registers that could be hard for novice translators to understand.

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