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The translator chosen to work on this client's poem holds a literary background and experience of working on poems directly.

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Tibetan to English Translation of a Poem

February 12, 2015

At Tomedes, we are proud to frequently work with well-reputed corporate clients. However, we are also very happy to work with more artistic individuals, and have a strong team of translators from creative backgrounds such as literature and the arts.

For example, an individual who wanted her poem translated from Tibetan into English contacted us recently. She heard of our reputation for excellence, and required a highly skilled translator to work on her poem. 

The client sought us out because she found that machine-based translation was unable to handle the intricacies of accurately translating a poem, as translation software is unable to accurately localize idioms, similes and other poetic literary devices.

Kenette (an account manager at Tomedes) quickly responded to the client’s enquiry with a friendly introduction and a competitively priced quotation that the client found very reasonable indeed. Kenette also assured the client that the translator chosen to work on her poem would have a literary background and experience of working on poems directly.

This pleased the client, who decided to give the go-ahead for the project to begin. The selected translator took the utmost care to convey the themes of the poem accurately in English, and was able to return the completed translation to the client quickly.

The client was very pleased with the quality of the completed translation, and also the outstanding service she received from Kenette, enthusiastically expressing her delight.

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