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Advanced Technical English to Polish Translation for Software and IT

May 31, 2011

By Ofer Tirosh

Technical Polish Translation by Post-Grad Translators

Normally we don't see education requirements as part of a client's specifications for a translation. However, we did receive a recent request for English to Polish translation by a client whose specifications included the translators to have at least a master's degree in technical science, medical science, life sciences or philology, for various technical translations of software documentation. The reason for the required degree level for the technical Polish translation, was because the software documentation consisted primarily of terminology and information that not only required someone with that level of industry experience and education, but for which the target audience of the completed software translation were those who had doctorate degrees in the same fields: medicine, and life and technical sciences.

It may not seem like too tall a request for translators to have a master's degree in the aforementioned industries and fields of study. But, when you stop and think, most people with Master's degrees in medical, technical science or life science fields – are not going to be found in the typical pool of translators. In other words, your typical freelance translator is not going to have a Masters degree in medicine or technical science or information technology. This is why it is no small accomplishment as a professional translation company that we have translators with the required education ready to provide this client with English to Polish translation. And, it doesn't stop at Polish translation, nor at translators who have Masters degrees only in technical science and medical fields. We have translators with all levels of education in a huge array of industries and fields, for all major languages. To request a highly technical translation in any field or industry, simply send your documents to , along with specifications. If you want a fast and easy estimate, you can use the menu on the left. With a simple attachment or word count and choice of languages, you'll have a low rate quote in seconds.

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Our translation company consistently receives requests for professional translation services that call for a certain level of education. For instance, any kind liturgy or texts and documents needing religious translation often requires religious scholars of the Bible, the Talmud, and the Quran. Not just any translator is qualified for these texts. Likewise, we've also provided many technology and information technology translation services, such as a recent English to Greek translation of video game software for a video gaming company. Many forms of technical IT translation and software localization often require a high level of formal education in technology and IT industries, in order to provide accurate professional translation service. Whatever the language, the industry, or education level, we have the translators for the job.

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