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A Swedish client recently requested a highly technical automotive translation from English to German so technical, the translators were required to have at least 3 years of sold technical automotive translation experience.

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Technical Automotive Translation from English to German

May 13, 2010

A client located in Sweden recently requested experienced translators for a large technical automotive translation from English to German (we cannot disclose specific information about the client due to our confidentiality agreement and terms of service). The automotive German translation was extremely technical, and required highly specialized translators with a minimum of several years experience. This is a good example of just how technical our translations can get, and yet Tomedes always has a team of translators ready and qualified to deliver high quality technical German translation. To get a free quote on any technical automotive translation, or for any technical English to German translation, use the top menu to send or copy the document, or input the word count. You'll receive an instant estimate of our translation rates and costs. You'll be amazed at how our translation service costs stack up against the competition – being up to 75% less than any other professional translation company.

Automotive German Translation – Technical Translation Skills Required

The German automotive translation project was a large document with 38,200 words. The Swedish client requested that the translators actually providing the automotive translation from English to German have at least a solid 3 years experience in highly technical automotive translating. For this kind of project, normally at least two highly specialized automotive German translators, two English-German proofreaders, and a German translation supervisor are put together as a team to work together. This ensure high quality technical German translation, guaranteed accuracy because of the double translator German document proofreading, and fast delivery, which is overseen by the translation team supervisor. Our translators come from a worldwide network of over 5,000 translators, all with specialized industry-specific skills and experience. This is how Tomedes is able to provide consistently high quality, fast translation turnaround, even with large technical translation projects.

Automotive translation is a commonly requested translation from certain European clients, and some Asian clients as well. They continue to return to us for both technical German translation as well as smaller projects and personal requests. While certainly any given large, professional German translation company can offer high quality technical translation, and perhaps even fast turnaround, they also tend to charge overpriced rates. We offer all of the above, and at a fraction of the cost of any other professional translation service.

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