Tomedes’ Tech Translation Underpins Global Manufacturing Production

Tomedes’ English to Icelandic technical translation solutions for safety leaflet served an international electric instrument leader in its overseas operations.

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Tomedes’ Tech Translation Underpins Global Manufacturing Production

April 05, 2023

Technical translation takes many forms, from product data sheets to safety manuals. The translations are often essential to companies’ international growth plans. A recent Tomedes client, for example, sought out our language translation services in order to sell its electric instruments overseas.

Meeting the Challenge of International Safety Regulations

A pioneer in musical instrument manufacturing, the company is known around the world for the quality of its musical instruments. From beginners to touring artists on the world’s largest stages, players of all abilities use the client’s instruments to express themselves through music. To underpin its global manufacturing and distribution, the client translates everything from product packaging to instruction sheets into a wide range of languages. Its most recent need was for the translation of a safety instruction leaflet for an electric instrument from English to Icelandic.

Why Tomedes Was the Right Choice for Technical Translation

The client chose to undertake its technical document translation with Tomedes. We have been providing technical translation services to businesses for the past 15 years, during which time we’ve built up an impressive network of language specialists. This made it easy for us to match the client’s needs to a suitably experienced technical translator.

The client’s priority was a high-quality translation that it could rely on to deliver comprehensive safety information about one of its electric instruments. The fact that Tomedes holds ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification was an influential factor here. It highlighted the level of quality and reliability that the client could look forward to when choosing our translation service.

Another reason the client opted for Tomedes was the breadth or our language offering. We don’t just provide English to Icelandic translation services, but deliver translations in more than 120 languages, offering over 950 language pairs. With further translation needs in the pipeline, the client knew that if we impressed with our Icelandic translation, it would bode well for meeting their future requirements in terms of other languages.

How Technical Translation Solutions Support Global Manufacturing

Manufacturing firms across the world rely on Tomedes’ services to sell and distribute their wares. We provide transcription and video translation services, interpretation, website localization services, and more, as part of an extensive offering that enables businesses to operate efficiently and seamlessly across international borders.

This is essential for the music industry’s global operations. According to Midia Research, global recorded music revenues reached USD $31.2 billion in 2022, up 6.7% compared to the previous year. The scale of the industry is staggering – and that’s not even factoring in the huge number of non-professional musicians who play for pleasure. For companies such as our client, appealing to those musicians irrespective of their locations is an operational necessity.

By providing translations for the manufacturing industry, Tomedes supports businesses to connect with international audiences – both within the music industry and across a wide range of other verticals. Businesses engage in multiple ways, from providing informational content to inspiring interaction, as well as selling products. There are also practical considerations to take care of. In the case of this client, that meant delivering the information needed to enable buyers to safely operate its product.

The technical translation for the client’s safety information leaflet included translating:

  • General safety guidelines for using the instrument, such as how to avoid overloading it.

  • Electrical safety guidelines, such as unplugging the instrument prior to cleaning.

  • Operating guidelines, to ensure the equipment could be used as intended.

  • Troubleshooting information, in case of difficulties operating the instrument.

  • Maintenance instructions, to keep the instrument operating in tiptop condition.

  • Emergency procedures, covering what to do in the event of electrical shock.

  • Safety warning details, listing potential hazards.

Achieving the Desired Outcome with Tomedes

By working with Tomedes, the client was able to deliver clear and concise safety details for its electric instrument to Icelandic music lovers. This allowed it to satisfy all legal requirements in terms of safe manufacturing and distribution.

Using a translation service that is ISO-certified meant the client could have peace of mind and know from the outset that they would be receiving a high-quality final product. Tomedes is delighted to not only offer this level of assurance but also to provide a one-year quality guarantee with every translation.

Tomedes’ technical manual translation services are available to clients manufacturing all manner of products, for sale and distribution all over the world. In this instance, our ability to provide a suitably experienced technical translator, to convert the client’s safety leaflet from English to Icelandic, meant that the pioneering musical instrument manufacturer could fulfill an order from a new territory. The successful translation opened up a new market for the company’s products, while ensuring that the Icelandic safety documentation retained the high quality of the original English version.

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