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We have recently translated a product catalog from Tagalog into English for a client in the Philippines

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Tagalog to English Website Product Listings Translation

April 02, 2010

For many businesses in the Philippines, expanding their market and their products to English speaking consumers is a huge way to increase their sales and revenue. This is true of any online store or service. There are products manufactured and distributed within the Philippines that are not yet large enough to expand to U.S., Canadian, or UK soil, so we provide them with Tagalog to English product listings translation. We recently provided Tagalog website translation for a Filipino client with an online business. We cannot disclose specific information, as it would be a violation of our terms of service regarding strict client confidentiality. We can tell you that she was smart enough to know how to seriously boost her sales, by using our Tagalog to English translators to make her products accessible to a huge consumer market.

In order to receive a truly professional product description translation, you need professional business translators – ones who have product description terminology and website content translation experience. Tomedes has many other translators with just such skills in addition to our Tagalog to English translators. If you need website product description translation to expand your consumer market and boost your revenue, start with obtaining a free quote using the top menu. You'll be provided with an estimate of our super low translation service rates within just seconds.

Tagalog website translation is a common request from our Filipino clients - many return to thank us for the immediate and dramatic sales increases they have after adding the translation to their websites. This is a huge testimony to the effect that something as simple and affordable as Tagalog product listing translation can do for any business. Think about the dramatic sales and revenue increase your business could have if you translated your website and product listings into multiple languages! For a free and private consultation, connect to our live chat, available 24 hours.

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