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Prenuptial agreements are one of those tricky legal documents that could turn into a big legal mess if they're translated incorrectly.

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English to Swedish Translation of Prenuptial Agreement

May 14, 2013


Prenuptial agreements are one of those tricky legal documents that could turn into a big legal mess if they’re translated incorrectly.  Most recently the translators are Tomedes translated a prenuptial agreement from English into Swedish for a couple that was originally from Sweden but had recently relocated to the United States. They are getting married in July and wanted to make sure they had all their legal aspects covered before they walked down the aisle.

That’s where the Tomedes Swedish translators came in to help. This translation project took a team of our two best Swedish translators in order to finish the job in two business days. Our Swedish clients were happy with the turnaround time, and now don’t have to worry about any mistranslations in their prenuptial agreement. 

Legal Document Translation

Legal documents such as prenuptial agreements are one of the translation projects that come across our translators desks fairly often. Our translators are well versed in translating legal documents such as; prenuptial agreements, business contracts, HR paperwork, estate paperwork, divorce decrees and more.  The Tomedes team of translators and linguists offers not only professional expertise but also a quick turnaround time and great client service.

Swedish Translation Services

Tomedes's translators can translate to and from just about any major world language, including Swedish. In the past we have worked with Swedish clients on translating both personal and business documents with ease.  In addition to Swedish translations, our translators also offer translations in Spanish, German, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, French, Portugese, Finnish and many others. If you speak it, we can usually translate it! 


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