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A recent Tomedes client needed a batch of documents translated from Swedish to English, as part of her international expansion.

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Swedish to English business and legal document translation

April 06, 2016

Many companies require professional translation services for their business and legal documents, particularly when they have offices overseas or post their staff abroad. This was precisely the case for a recent Tomedes client who needed a batch of documents translated from Swedish to English. 

The client had opened a branch of her company in England, after years of successful operation in Sweden. This meant that she needed a number of company documents translated from Swedish to English. Enter Tomedes!

Our team of professional human translators includes 5,000 individuals spread around the globe. We have specialist legal translators and experts in business translation on hand for a vast range of language pairings. 

For this Swedish to English translation, we turned to our top legal translator in London, who had grown up in Sweden before moving to the UK. She had a long history of undertaking legal document translation for Tomedes, so we were confident in her ability to translate accurately and efficiently. 

Nearly 15 separate documents required translation for this client, so our Swedish translator lost no time in getting to work. Many of the documents were lengthy and the whole job took a little over a fortnight to complete. The documents were then assessed by the Tomedes quality assurance team, to ensure their adherence to our rigorous standards. This is a standard part of our quality control procedure and one of the reasons that Tomedes is known for providing such accurate translations. 

The client was pleased to receive her legal and business translations in good time. So much so, in fact, that she has already asked for a quote for the translation of her website. 

From websites to legal paperwork, Tomedes is available to undertake all of your business translations at a great price. Contact us today for an instant quote – you can email, call or chat online with us, or use the handy instant quote feature on our website. 

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