Survey Translations for Public Engagement & Market Research

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Survey Translations for Public Engagement & Market Research

September 28, 2023

Market research, as an integral part of business operations, provides invaluable insights into the behaviors, needs, and preferences of customers.It also plays a pivotal role in identifying new opportunities such as untapped market segments, emerging trends, or changing consumer behaviors. By understanding the competitive global landscape, businesses can carve out unique value propositions that ensure they remain top-of-mind for their target audience.

Our Client

We’ve recently been tapped by a client in the market research industry. As a company, they put emphasis on B2B partnerships – aiming to position their partners better within the existing and potential markets. Apart from conducting sophisticated surveys, they also host a platform where a community of stakeholders can collaborate and offer support to each other.

Through this approach, our client allows their partners to better address customer grievances and to tailor their services accordingly. At the same time, this said platform allows their partners to more effectively disseminate information across user bases.

Our client has one overarching focus in mind, and that is to capture the voice of its partner’s customers. Through varying degrees of involvement, management, and reporting, our client facilitates transparent communication across all stakeholders – ultimately building trust within the market and improving the quality of life of all concerned parties.

The Challenge

The main challenge for this particular client stems from the fact that they cater to stakeholders with different nationalities. In a more globalized economy, operations (such as that of our client’s) must effectively address language barriers and learn some cultural intricacies entailed by global communication. As their language service provider, we understand that the work needed goes beyond mere translations. In order to account for said cultural intricacies, we must localize their assets; essentially circumventing potential misunderstandings brought about by foreign interpretations.

Here are some materials we’ve translated for them so far:

Market Surveys: Translating market surveys ensures that the integrity of their intentions are intact across different demographics. This results in a more accurate data set that better reflects the needs of customers. Through said data set, our client’s partners can make better informed decisions for various locales.

Promotional Materials: Translated promotional materials guarantee that their brand messages remain essentially the same in different languages. Through such treatment they are able to funnel-in their ideal partners, promoting growth for our client’s company. This translation also serves as a means to enhance brand visibility while maintaining cultural relevance.

Technical Support: Perhaps the least obvious and most latent, translating technical support documents guarantees that non-English speakers have the capability to troubleshoot issues independently. This enhances user experience, reduces support costs, and fosters trust and loyalty among global customers.

At the end of the day, inclusivity remains to be the core of global success. Better understanding is undoubtedly a prerequisite for improved services. Clear and effective communication is the key to building trust with the communities that they serve. When navigating these challenges, it is in the best interest of businesses to collaborate with professional language service providers.

Why Tomedes?

As a translation service provided, Tomedes has built its reputation of efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our transparency has allowed us to build a robust client base over the years. Much as the client we’re studying currently, we also aim to grow with the companies that decide to work with us.

What value do we bring to the table?

Localization Solutions: At Tomedes, we house an extensive network of native translators. With this in mind, our clients can rest easy knowing that they are working with professionals who are akin to culture-specific communication nuances. In the case of this particular client, we can even process every non-English feedback that may come their way.

Support for Multiple Languages: Apart from having great cultural insights, our extensive network also allows us to cover over 150 languages (950+ language pairs). Our system also allows us to work on multiple languages simultaneously. As such, our clients can communicate with their international audiences at a faster pace.

Diverse Specializations: We make sure to employ professional translators with diverse sets of industry-specific expertise. This essentially allows us to accommodate any specific translation need that may arise. Whether one client needs legal, financial, technical, or promotional translations we are a service provider that they can rely on.

With our accreditations, clients can sit comfortably knowing that every translated material is accurate, valid, and high-quality.

The Result

Through us, our clients are able to streamline their operations and focus on development at the same time. This allows any company to continue to improve while taking down linguistic and cultural barriers. We allow our clients to demonstrate accountability and promote information access for various cultures. On the other hand, our translations allow global clients to extend their sentiments and needs: promoting inclusion and fostering transparency. 

Final Words

If you are a party looking for our support, you might want to check out our translation services. No project is too big or too small for us. Bottom line is we want to help international companies flourish in our globalized economy.

Our dedicated customer support is online 24/7 and is ready to address your concerns. Got questions? Feel free to contact us.

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