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We translated an advertising presentation from English to Spanish, for a well-known beauty and anti-aging company.

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English to Spanish Translation of Advertising Presentation

November 18, 2012

Presentation Translation

There are different types of presentation translations that we can and do provide to our clients, which require different types of translation skills and approaches.  What usually comes to mind when you hear "presentation," is the typical Powerpoint document with some images and maybe some charts and graphs.  However, there are also sales presentations, academic presentations, and presentations that are made for the public, like advertising posters, marketing materials and infomercial program presentations.  The latter is what we recently had to provide for a client who needed English to Spanish translation of a new cosmetic and beauty product.

We have been acquiring clients that are more and more prominent in the business, consumer and even celebrity world.  While we are obligated to keep our client's confidentiality, this particular client is steadily gaining popularity in the U.S. due to its patented new anti-aging beauty product.  This client contacted us to provide professional Spanish translation of commercial presentation materials, including logo-ed posters and informational content about their product.  The presentation was in PDF format, four pages long with both images and information about the product.  Our Spanish translators had the project translated and proofread within a day.

Localization Within Marketing and Advertising Translation

Advertising translation can be somewhat tricky, because the language of most advertising and marketing translations require localization.  Some need more and some need just a few words to be changed, but localization service is almost always a must for any kind of marketing or advertising translation.  Without it, advertising to a different culture and language can result in embarrassing or even offensive content, like when American Airlines told the Spanish community in their advertisement translation to "Fly naked." 

Terms for mobile devices in technical translation is a good illustration of how localization affects a given language translation.  For example, what we call a "cell phone" the French call "mobiles" and German translation is a "handy."  Likewise, the French translation of "laptop" is "portable."  This is a very basic example of how localization is needed to translate terms, concepts, and non-text items from language to language and culture to culture.  Because advertising presentation translation depends so heavily upon the culture that it is being directed at, localization is imperative on some level, for a truly professional translation of the advertisement or sales presentation.

The most important aspect of any advertising, marketing or presentation translation intended for a foreign language audience is to ensure that all elements are appropriate for the audience.  When they are not, advertising can actually bring negative publicity to the company.  Localization and a professional translation company with extensive advertising and marketing translation services are the only source trustworthy enough to handle something as delicate as an advertising presentation.

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