Spanish Translations Help a Software Company Succeed in the Latin America Market

Tomedes offers accurate and high-quality translations of marketing and technical documents for companies seeking to do international operations. Our global network of Spanish translators is experienced and certified in handling the translation of marketing and technical documents from English to Spanish. This project involves rapidly translating complex technical documentation and marketing materials from English to Spanish to support our client's new product launch in Latin America, covering everything from market research to project plans.

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Spanish Translations Help a Software Company

May 16, 2024

Our Client

Company Name: S. Tech Company (Pseudonym)

What does the company do?

Our client is a cutting-edge software development company that pioneers innovative solutions tailored for global markets. Faced with a critical deadline, they sought a partner who could deliver precise and culturally resonant translations swiftly.

Deadline set by the client: Less than 48 hours

What do they need?

Our client requires immediate and precise English to Spanish translations of complex technical documentation and marketing materials to support a new product launch in Latin America. The scope of translation encompasses market research, social media content, advertising, press releases, brochures, website copy, market requirements documents, business standards, and project plans. Having previously collaborated with us, they trust our expertise and are familiar with the process involved in executing such a comprehensive project.

The Challenges

While translating numerous legal documents, we encountered some issues: first, the client’s timeline was exceptionally demanding, with less than 48 hours to deliver fully translated and localized content that adhered to industry-specific terminologies. Second, translation accuracy was non-negotiable, as the documents included intricate technical specifications and product descriptions that required exactness to maintain their effectiveness and compliance. Lastly, capturing the cultural nuances pertinent to the Latin American audience was essential, ensuring that the translated content resonated well and was free from contextual errors.

To address the challenges posed by the virtual event, we implemented two key solutions: Firstly, leveraging our extensive network of native translators, we offer translations in Spanish, alongside 150 other languages, including the numerous Spanish variants prevalent throughout Latin America. Secondly, we enforce a stringent quality control protocol for all our translation projects to guarantee the accuracy and high quality of the translated content. This meticulous approach ensures that all materials meet our exacting standards, contributing to seamless communication across diverse linguistic landscapes.

Why Tomedes?

Thousands of businesses and organizations globally trust Tomedes for their translation needs from English to Spanish, particularly for the Latin American market. With over twenty years of experience in technical and marketing translations, we have become a trusted partner for companies looking to expand their international reach. Our expertise ensures that every translation aligns with local nuances, helping businesses effectively engage with new markets.

With years of experience in handling high-stakes technical translations for technology companies, Tomedes was ideally positioned to tackle the complexities of this project. With our use of cutting-edge translation technologies and a robust management system, we could streamline workflows and enhance translation accuracy. Our global presence and round-the-clock operation model meant we could effectively meet the tight turnaround times without compromising quality.

The Solution

First, we strategically assembled a team of expert translators who specialize in marketing and technical documentation. This team was carefully selected to ensure that each member possessed a deep understanding of the industry-specific jargon and the particular context of the project.

Second, we ensured the highest accuracy and relevance in our translations by implementing strict quality checks at every project phase. This process combined advanced automated tools with expert human oversight, allowing us to identify and correct any discrepancies efficiently. This integration of technology and expert review helped us maintain our commitment to delivering fast and precise translations for each project.

Lastly, we maintained open communication with the client throughout the translation process. This approach allowed us to quickly address specific requirements and subtle nuances, ensuring they were seamlessly integrated into the translations. Constant dialogue enabled us to respond swiftly to feedback and resolve any uncertainties, significantly enhancing the quality and relevance of the final deliverables.

The Result

Our client was pleased with our swift delivery of the translated documents, provided within just one day to meet their immediate needs. Upon review, they expressed more than satisfaction with the accuracy and quality of the Spanish translations of their marketing and technical documents.

From our latest discussions, our client is gearing up to launch their marketing campaign in Latin America soon. The translated marketing materials and technical content are expected to significantly aid in establishing their brand among Spanish speakers in the region and ensure smooth business operations.


This project exemplifies Tomedes’ ability to navigate high-pressure situations and deliver results that not only meet but exceed client expectations. The success of this urgent translation project underscores our expertise in managing complex translation needs under tight deadlines, showcasing our commitment to supporting our clients' global aspirations. For businesses looking to expand their reach and ensure their communications resonate with new markets, Tomedes offers a reliable, precise, and efficient translation service tailored to meet diverse needs.

Interested in exploring how Tomedes can help your business succeed in international markets? Contact us today to discuss your project and see how our translation solutions can open new doors for your business.

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