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Spanish to English Thesis Translation

August 01, 2014

By Ofer Tirosh

Academic translations are a specialist field, such as the Spanish to English thesis translation that Tomedes undertook earlier this month. 

Tomedes has a reputation for providing flawless translations, regardless of document length or complexity. It was this reputation for excellence that attracted this new client, with the 12,000 plus word Spanish version of her thesis, to us in the first place. 

We assessed the document and provided the client with a quote. She was delighted at our extremely reasonable price and set us to work straight away. Our leading academic translator based in Oxford undertook the work. His own degree was in English literature, which was the subject of the thesis, so he was extremely well positioned to translate the client’s document. 

Tomedes always matches its translators to its clients’ documents in this way – it ensures that we have the perfect translator for every job. We also undertake a strict set of quality assurance processes for each translation, to ensure that all translated documents that are passed to our clients meet our exacting standards. 

This particular client was delighted with our service. She received the English version of her thesis within just two weeks of providing us with the original and is now happily discussing further academic options with a leading English university.  

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