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Expert Spanish Technical Translation Services

March 05, 2024

As more businesses expand internationally, there will be an increasing demand for translations, especially for technical documents. This is where language professionals specialized in technical knowledge are crucial in facilitating communication and ensuring documents comply with international and local laws for a successful outcome of a project.

With regards to translating mechanical engineering documents, technical translation plays a crucial role in that when converting content from one language to another the terminologies and technical nuances are accurately conveyed.

In our latest project, we demonstrate our expertise in the Spanish technical translation of mechanical engineering documents for an agency specialized in industrial and manufacturing products.

Our Client

Our client is a supplier of industrial/manufacturing equipment and heavy machinery. They have recently expanded their company internationally and want to make their products more accessible for their Spanish-speaking business customers looking to use and operate their types of equipment.

They contacted Tomedes because of our expertise in technical translation from English to Spanish and our ISO certifications. Through our broad network of native Spanish translators worldwide, we had access to professionals specialized in translating technical documents for mechanical engineering and industrial/manufacturing purposes. Our niche-focused approach was appealing to our client as they wanted to ensure that the jargon and terminologies in their documents wouldn't get lost in translation to prevent any misunderstanding, confusion, and possible accidents brought by their products. 

The Project

Unlike other projects wherein we were only given 1-3 days to complete our task, the client gave us more time as they needed the project to be completed within 11 days. However, even though we were given more time, it carried its own challenges because of the sheer volume of content, like project plans, layouts, patent documents, and manuals regarding the management systems of their heavy machinery and manufacturing equipment.

The project’s objective is that technical translation from English to Spanish will be managed by our team and by combining advanced technology with the expertise of our technical translators, it will ensure precision and coherence throughout the translated documents. We would also make sure that all the translated text is up to industry standards and in compliance with international requirements.

The Value of Precise Technical Translation

The global mechanical engineering industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. In 2022, Statista reported that it is estimated to be worth 421 billion U.S. dollars. This industry involves the process of designing, developing, building, and testing any power-producing machines, such as electric generators, internal combustion engines, and steam and gas turbines.

Due to the nature of this field, you can understand why it's absolutely essential that the translation of content for these types of equipment should be precise and accurate. It affects society at a macro and micro level, from the livelihoods of communities to the safety of individuals, technical translation guarantees that these machinery are properly managed and utilized while ensuring that the operations using these tools are complying with international and local regulations.

Having precise technical translations of mechanical engineering content is crucial because it requires skill, knowledge, and experience to ensure that words don't get 'lost in translation,' especially when dealing with specialized terms and jargon. Workers worldwide in these fields heavily depend on translated technical documents to not only ensure that the production and output are met efficiently and effectively. But translated technical content manuals and handbooks guarantee the worker’s safety and well-being through the protocols and procedures, especially during accidents.

The Challenges

Since we discussed the importance of the technical translations, we will now take a deeper look into the challenges that we encountered for this project. Below are some of the major challenges that we decided to pick apart one by one:

Complex Terminology: Navigating the specialized jargon inherent in technical documents posed a significant challenge. Through our broad network of translators, we were able to find the right professionals for technical translations in Spanish. We picked them based on their previous experience in handling projects related to mechanical engineering.

Consistency in the Translated Content: Ensuring terminological consistency across multiple languages was crucial for maintaining the documents' integrity. This can be tricky as consistency involves not just the correct grammar and proper usage of jargon but also includes the right tone and ensuring the message remains the same. Our native translators were able to masterfully strike a balance that made the translated text come across as natural but still up to the industry’s standards. 

Changes throughout the Project: Throughout the process, the client gave their feedback about the translated content. The feedback loop between us and our client ensured that all the documents were translated in adherence to their preference, but it consumed a lot more time than expected.  

Why Tomedes?

There are several reasons why thousands of companies trust Tomedes when it comes to technical translation from English to Spanish and other languages. Below are some of these reasons:

Expert Linguists: Tomedes' team of linguists boasts not just linguistic expertise but also a deep understanding of technical domains. As mentioned, our broad network of language professionals is found worldwide, guaranteeing that there will always be a team of experts managing your project.

Precision and Accuracy: Our commitment to precision and meticulous attention to detail ensures the highest level of accuracy in technical translations of Spanish and other languages.

International Standards: As a translation company with several ISO certifications, you can rest assured that all our projects have undergone extensive evaluations and quality control. 

The Result

The client was impressed by how we were able to give them the translated mechanical engineering documents days before the deadline. After evaluating the content and having us make minor changes to it, they were pleased by how we quick were to address their request for changes without delay.

Last we heard from our client, they had begun printing their technical documents and were making preparations to distribute them alongside their products. The project not only met but exceeded their expectations.


Selecting a translation service that marries technical expertise with linguistic precision is crucial for projects and services in mechanical engineering. Our dedicated approach to meeting the needs and preferences of our clients ensures that your translated technical documents precisely convey your message while complying with regulations and industry standards.

If you're planning to translate technical documents from English to Spanish and other languages, you can contact us as we're more than happy to assist you any time.

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