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Spanish subtitles for a professional video were recently provided to one of our business clients.

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Spanish Subtitles for Video and Film

October 11, 2010

Spanish Subtitling for Video and Film

Spanish translation is needed in order to really maximize the audience and exposure for a film or video release, whether online or DVD. To reach the Spanish speaking community with any video ad, online videos, and other visual communications, Spanish subtitles are a common, inexpensive method. While our Spanish subtitling services require our clients to submit a few more materials than for a regular document translation, Tomedes is a professional translation service that prides itself on our translation abilities across all forms of communication.

Spanish subtitling, especially, is a commonly requested service within the film industry, because of the demand for English to Spanish translation. However, we provide film subtitling service in any major language for our clients, whether for entertainment, business, online videos, Youtube, or any other purpose. In order to get a free quote for a Spanish subtitling services, there are several things that must be submitted via email to us at, so that we can give you a quick response, and an estimate of the lowest translation prices for audiovisual translation.

Requirements for Spanish Subtitles Translation Service

  • Please provide the original language video for us to view during the translation process.
  • In addition to the video file, please also provide the original source text for us to analyze and review during subtitling and translation process.
  • We would need the original language content of the video or film to be time-coded, so that the correlating Spanish subtitles for the English content will accurately appear on screen with precise timing. Tomedes can provide a quote for time-coded hours of translation if preferred.
  • Other specifications we need are the number of lines allowed per screen shot, and the number of characters allowed in each line. Most subtitling companies have regulations about the number of characters allowed per line, which you will need to defer to the subtitling company for. All of this information will determine the line breaks for the final Spanish subtitles.

Film and Video Subtitling for Any Reason, Any Major Language

As a top translation company, we provide Spanish subtitles to many businesses and companies that use video ads online - professional translation is necessary in order to maintain a professional image. Your assigned Spanish language Linguistic Project Manager will be happy to answer any questions you have about our film and video subtitling service, whether before your translation, during the process or afterward. We are here to provide you with personalized, professional Spanish subtitling, unlike any other translation company. We want you to walk away feeling as though you've received perfect, high quality translation and subtitling service, for the best translation rates possible.

We've recently provided Russian to English translation of several film clips, as well as Japanese to English translation for a corporate video, among many other subtitling and audiovisual translations. We continue to be a leading translation company worldwide; providing services of perfection to private businesses and Global 1000 companies.

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