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The client and his family recently emigrated, and they required their marriage certificate to be translated into Mexican Spanish

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English to Spanish marriage certificate translation

September 04, 2015

Marriage certificates are lifelong, official proof of your marriage to another person. Whilst a marriage certificate might not seem as important to you and your spouse as your wedding rings, if you ever have to provide proof of your marriage status, they're essential. Tomedes often receives requests for marriage certificate translation, and our team of professional translators are always on hand to ensure an accurate translation is provided.

A few days ago, we were contacted by a client who had recently emigrated to Mexico from the UK. The client and his family were excited to start a new life on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, and they required their marriage certificate to be translated into Mexican Spanish in order to prove their marriage status in their home. 

A member of our friendly team soon responded to the client's initial email, attaching a quotation for the Spanish translation. The client was happy by the price suggested in the quotation, and he considered it to be very good value indeed! Due to this, the client commissioned the translation to begin.

One of our leading Spanish translators began work on the marriage certificate, and as she had translated marriage certificates on numerous occasions, she was able to provide a very quick and efficient service. In fact, the completed translation was returned to the client within the hour! In addition to the completed marriage certificate, we also provided a Certification of Translation Accuracy Certificate, which guarantees that the translation is accurate to the best of our knowledge, and removing liability for a mistranslation from the client.  

The client thanked our translator for her quick and professional service, and mentioned he'd be in touch again soon if he ever needed other documents translating.

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