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Tomedes provides financial translation from Spanish to English and vice versa for a range of official and personal needs such as balance sheets, fund reports and financial statements. Our native translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate and reliable Spanish financial translation service. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years

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Spanish to English Financial Translation for Commerce

December 17, 2019

This page was last updated on December 8, 2022.

Recently, a Tomedes client needed a Spanish financial translation for his business. He was running a complicated group structure, with entities in numerous countries, including both Mexico and the United States. As part of his operations, he had a number of Spanish-language insurance policies. While he spoke some Spanish, his language skills weren’t quite up to dealing with detailed financial documents – particularly documents with potential legal implications. 

As such, the Tomedes team stepped up to help. 


The Importance of Spanish Financial Translation  

The client approached us by email, having first obtained a quote from our website (our online instant quote function is available to anyone looking for an indicative translation price). He talked through his requirements with our friendly team, having been delighted by the indicated translation cost, before instructing us to proceed with the translation. 

Considered from a global perspective, it’s easy to see why Tomedes’ Spanish to English language pairing is such a popular translation request. There are more than 400 million native Spanish speakers in the world, along with 360 million native English speakers. 

Not only that but there are also millions of people who speak Spanish and/or English as a second language. In the case of Spanish, around nine million people speak it as a second language. The number of second-language English speakers far surpasses this – some 1.5 billion people in total have some grasp of English. That’s a staggering 20% of the world’s total population. 

With both Spanish and English being spoken so widely, companies that are looking to maximize their global footprint often seek to use both of these languages. After all, offering content in both Spanish and English means being able to connect with some 760 million people in their native language, let alone all those second-language speakers! 

Our recent client required a Latin American Spanish to US English language specialist. We were immediately able to source a translator to meet his needs, having spent over a decade building up a global network of language professionals. By matching the region of the source and target languages, as well as the languages themselves, we were able to ensure a high-quality translation that would resonate with the intended audience. 


Securing a Spanish Financial Translator

The investment of our time in building up such a substantial network of language professionals means that we have translators at our fingertips not just for particular language pairings, but also for sector-specific specialisms. In this client’s case, for example, we needed a Spanish financial translation specialist. 

Spanish financial translations is a tricky task – particularly in the case of insurance documents, where there’s a strong legal element as well, due to the inclusion of legal terminology and concepts within the policy. You can read a further example of our Spanish financial translation work by clicking the link below. 

The need to translate both financial and legal information for this client called for one of our top translation professionals. The Spanish financial translation services that we deliver cover a wide range of specialisms and we work with a number of translators whose experience spans more than one type of translation work. In this case, we were able to pair the client’s insurance document translation with a translator who had previously worked on both legal and financial translations – just what the client needed. 


Customer Service as a Priority 

There are two key reasons why we take such care over matching our translators with our clients’ work. The first is the passion for languages which led us to set up Tomedes in the first place – we love crafting the perfect translation. The second is our commitment to providing outstanding customer service. 

Our goal is to delight each and every client with whom we work. This has been a core part of the Tomedes service for more than 10 years and we are delighted to consistently achieve a customer satisfaction rate of 95% and above, particularly given the extremely diverse nature of our client base. 

From dedicated account managers to innovative business modeling that keeps our translation price competitive, we strive to deliver a superb customer experience at every turn. 

Why not see for yourself? Our helpful team are ready and waiting to talk about your language needs, by phone, email or live chat. Whether you need translation services, interpretation services, content writing services or any other kind of language-based support, we are confident that we can provide the services that you need at a price that will gel with your budget. Contact us today to find out more. 

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