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When our client's favorite food blog posts an article requiring detailed knowledge of the English language, our client requests a Spanish translation.

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A fast English to Spanish blog translation

June 22, 2015

At Tomedes, we often deal with large-scale technical documents. However, we are also happy to deal with more straightforward documents too! And just because one text is simpler than another, it doesn’t mean that our professional translators treat it with any less importance than a larger project. Blog post translations are a good example of this sort of more straightforward document, and we receive a large amount of clients who request a simple blog post translation.

For instance, we were contacted by a client who is an avid reader of food-related blogs. The client resides in Valencia, Spain, and most of the web content she reads is in English. Sometimes, one of her favorite food blogs might post an article that requires more knowledge of the English language than our client finds able to deal with, and when this occurs she approaches us to translate the blog post into her native language – Spanish.

The most recent article she sent to our translation company detailed how to store various different types of food in a refrigerator and how long the food-type typically remained fresh for, ensuring that good food safety was adhered to. Because the article was short and relatively straightforward for our native-speaking translator, the translation was completed within an hour of the client’s initial enquiry. The client was very pleased by this, as she could read her article soon after its publication. Moreover, she thought that the translation was priced very affordably too.

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