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Post production film translation from Slovenian to English for a post production film company in Burbank, California.

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Slovenian to English Translation for Film

July 25, 2010

Professional Translation Service for Film, Subtitles, Audio Dubbing, and More

Dubbing translation for film, along with video and audio translation and subtitle translation, are services that are extremely important for post production in any kind of film. French subtitles and Spanish subtitles are included now with almost any DVD and blue-ray movie, and some include even more options for foreign subtitles. For foreign language films dubbed in English, professional translation service is vital, whether it is here or across the world. Japanese to English translation for dubbed Japanese films is quite common in Japanese anime, with widespread fan bases and demand from both children and adults. Even on a smaller scale, things like short corporate films, tutorials, and other short videos also may require dubbed translation or subtitle translation from a professional language translation service like Tomedes.

Recently a large post production film company located in Burbank, California, requested Slovenian to English translation for the dubbing of a Slovenian foreign language film. This particular post production film company (specific details are prohibited from disclosure due to confidentiality agreements) also needed translation in California for several additional types of film translation service, provided through various methods of correspondence. To get a free quote on dubbed translation or subtitle translation service, or for any Slovenian translation service, simply use the menu on the left to upload your documents. You will be provided with an instant estimate, which has the tendency to shock many new clients upon seeing our extremely low cost translation rates. If the materials are in audio and video form only, then please email us at so that we can return a free estimate to you as quickly as possible.

Arabic, Japanese, Slovenian and Spanish Translation for Video, Film and Audio Content

Slovenian to English translation for dubbing films is a bit less commonly requested, and therefore not quite as easy to find from your run-of-the-mill translation service. As a worldwide leading translation company, Tomedes can provide Slovenian translation for any reason, because of our large network of over 5,000 translators – this includes professional dubbed translation, audio translation, and translation of film subtitles, in addition to regular document translation services. Because of our years of experience as a global, professional translation service, we have devised a protocol of requirements for translating video, film, and other post production of audiovisual materials. It is important to contact us to discuss what we need, in order to provide the quickest, highest quality translation for film dubbing, or any other film translation service.

In the recent past, some of our other audio, video and film translation service projects has included English to Arabic translation for dubbed audio translation on an e-learning website, English to Spanish film subtitles, Japanese translation for a corporate video, and audio translation from Romanian to English, well as many other kinds of post production and professional translation for films, video and audio content. Whether asked to provide film translation service for a large post production project, short video clips and tutorials, voice over translation, subtitle translation, or any other audio, video or film translation project, we are happy to provide our leading worldwide translation service in any language.

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