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A regular client, who plans to extend his business to a Slovakian market, contacted us wishing to hire a skilled Slovakian translator.

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Slovak Translation to Support a New Business Opportunity

March 25, 2015

At Tomedes we’re happy to help different businesses reach out to new customers by providing our leading translation service to localize their written material.

For example, one of our regular clients decided to get in contact with us the other day as he wished to extend his business to a Slovakian market. To this end, he wished to hire a skilled Slovakian translator and knew that our translation agency only works with the most professional translators in their respective fields.

Natalie (one of our project managers) responded to the client with a punctual and friendly reply. Natalie also provided a competitive quotation for the amount of work that the client required. 

The client knew that our prices were of exceptionally good value, and was pleased to see that we still lived up to our reputation in this regard! The client went on to commission the translation, knowing that our translators are always punctual with their delivery.

Natalie chose Olo to work on the client’s business documents. Olo had a business background and was a native of Slovakia, which allowed him to produce an accurate and natural reading Slovakian translation of the client’s documents.

Olo returned the translation to the client well before the deadline the client originally expressed, and the client was happy that he could rely on our quick and efficient service for his business translation needs.

If you’re seeking a business translation too, then why not contact a member of our friendly team for a quick quotation?

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