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The client strongly emphasized that the utmost accuracy was required for this translation and that is what Tomedes does.

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Slovak to English Medical Report Translation

January 13, 2015

A client who wished to have a medical report translating from Slovakian into English recently contacted us. The client strongly emphasized that the utmost accuracy was required for this translation, and he wanted to ensure that a translator familiar with medical terminology would be able to work on the project.

Jerry, an account manager here at Tomedes, replied to the client’s enquiry within the hour, and reassured the client of Tomedes’ professionalism and experience in translating these sorts of documents. 

Jerry pointed out that only translators with direct experience in the medical field would be chosen to work on the document, and that the completed document would be double-checked by another translator to ensure that the final version was indeed flawless. 

The client was reassured by this information, and along with the timely responses in their email correspondence, and Jerry’s outstanding customer service, the client gave the go-ahead for the translation to commence.

Martin, a native speaking English translator, was assigned to the project, and Martin’s previous experience as a nurse allowed him to understand and accurately translate the technical medical terminology throughout the document.

The client was pleased to receive the completed translation in his inbox before the agreed deadline, and was impressed by how easy the whole process had been. The client thanked Jerry for the time he took to reassure him that the translation would be handled well, and mentioned that he’d keep us in mind should he have any future translation needs.  

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