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Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian Marketing Translation

April 16, 2010

The forming of separate countries from the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has also caused language separation within the independent unions, as well as some confusion to which language belongs to who, and which language to cater to in which location. This is especially important for any marketing and PR business that wants to include the Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian markets in their advertising and target audiences. English to Serbian translation, English to Croatian translation, or English to Bosnian translation – which one should be used? If they're all basically the same language, won't one translation work?

We strongly suggest to all of our clients who market to these areas to use three separate translations. Though the three languages are mutually intelligible, and Serbs, Croats, and Bosnians can understand one another, it is also quite obvious to them which language is targeted in a given translation. Serbs will be offended if a Croatian translated advertisement is also used for the Serbian market, and likewise with a Serbian marketing translation to a Croat. Not only that, but some are more puristic, while others accept foreign language words into their vocabulary. Because of this, three separate Slavic language translations are imperative when marketing to these areas. In addition, it requires, highly experienced translators to ensure accurate, relevant and localized word choice for all Croatian and Serbian marketing documents. To get a free quote on any English-Croatian, English-Serbian or English-Bosnian advertising translation, simply send us your documents using the top menu. You'll receive an estimate with the lowest rates available in a professional online translation service.

Our English to Bosnian translators have years of experience, and likewise with our Serbian and Croatian translators. In addition, because Tomedes has a network of over five thousand translators, we have industry specific skilled Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian translators for any kind of document. If you need a technical Serbian market analysis translation, or a basic t.v. commercial translation from English to Croatian, we guarantee the most qualified team of translators to give you a remarkably fast turnaround and always at the lowest translation rates available. Contact us at for further information, or connect our free live chat for immediate translation consultation 24 hours a day.

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