Certified Scandinavian Medical Translation

Tomedes provides Scandinavian medical translation services for a range of documents such as operation instructions, medical product information, and doctor-patient questionnaire. Our expert translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate and reliable Scandinavian medical translations. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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Professional Scandinavian Medical Supplies Translation Service

April 27, 2010

This page was last updated on December 21, 2022.

Medical devices, equipment, surgical supplies, and other such important and necessary items for the world of medical care are frequently exchanged between North America and Scandinavia. Areas like Ontario, Canada; Chicago, and Boston all have major medical manufacturers to export to all four countries of Scandinavia, and vice versa for Scandinavian manufactured medical equipment exported out to New York, L.A., Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, and other important medical facility locations. Either way, Scandinavian translation of medical documents and supplies is a frequently requested professional translation company service.

Scandinavian Translation of Medical Documents By Highly Skilled Experts

Because of such specific needs for translated medical documents like technical medical device translation, surgical tool translation, user manual and operation instruction translation, medical product information translation, and even doctor patient questionnaire translation – highly skilled Scandinavian translators are required, as well as those with technical medical document translation experience and knowledge. Medical terms, especially technical medical terms are difficult to know and understand in one's own native language, much less translate them. Only Scandinavian medical translation experts and Scandinavian medical translators should ever take on a translation filled with so much technical, industry-specific language. To get a free quote on any professional Scandinavian medical document translation, simply send us your documents or files using the top menu. Our instant estimate details will reveal within a matter of seconds just how much lower our professional translation rates are, compared to any other professional translation company. With translation costs of up to 75% less than other professional online translation companies, you can easily understand why clients choose us again and again for their medical translations.

Different Scandinavian Languages, Different Medical Document Translations

It is not recommended that any given Scandinavian medical translation only use, for example, English to Swedish medical translation and English to Finnish medical translation; with the intention of using the Swedish medical translation to serve for the Danish medical translation and the Norwegian medical translation. Professional medical translation should be translated into all four Scandinavian languages. Reasons for this are extremely important, including dialectal differences, variations in spoken and written standards, cultural differences, and island dialects, which are often not intelligible by mainland language. In addition, it is in poor taste for a Danish and Norwegian medical instructions translation to be substituted with a Swedish medical instructions translation, with the assumption that it is close enough as a language – this is often seen as a disastrous cultural offense. While Finnish medical instruction translation must have its own translation because it is unlike the other three Scandinavian languages, the other three Scandinavian languages need their own technical document translations, regardless of mutual intelligibility.

A few of the Scandinavian medical document translations we provide include:

  • medical product information translation; medical records translation; medical transcription translation

  • medical equipment instructions translation; technical operation translation; medical device translation; and medical technology translation

  • patient-physician questionnaire translation; doctor-patient questionnaire translation; and medical forms translation


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