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Sanskrit to English book translation

May 04, 2016

Tomedes is available to translate everything from a single business card to an entire novel. Most recently, a client asked us to do the latter – he needed his book translated from Sanskrit into English. 

This was a large job, but Tomedes has a network of more than 5,000 professional translators spread around the world, so we knew that we would have the right person to undertake it.

One of our professional Sanskrit translators was available to start work immediately and happy to commit to a large translation project of this nature. He got started on the client’s book and kept the client informed weekly as to progress. This meant that the client could track how his translation was coming along throughout the process. 

The client was pleased to be kept informed in this way and also delighted with the speed at which our translator worked. Translators’ speeds can vary significantly depending on a range of factors, including everything from the type of document that they are translating to their typing speed. We knew that this particular Sanskrit translator worked fast without compromising the quality of her translation, which was just what was needed for such a large-scale project. 

The final version of the book was made available to the client several days before the initial deadline that we had estimated. As with all translations that Tomedes provides, it had been checked by our quality assurance team and came with a one year guarantee, providing ultimate peace of mind for the client. 

To speak to Tomedes about your translation needs, whether it’s a single sentence or an entire book, simply email us, call us or use our online web chat service. You can also obtain an instant quote from our website to find out straight away what the cost of translating your document will be. 

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