English to Russian Translation of Real Estate Assessment

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English to Russian Translation of Real Estate Assessment

January 05, 2012

By Ofer Tirosh

English to Russian Translation of Real Estate Assessment

One of our recent translation projects demonstrates growth in an industry that has been reported as one of the fastest growing industries of 2012: real estate and real estate appraisals. Our translation company was tasked with a Russian translation of a real estate appraisal and assessment for the city of Astana. Astana has experienced tremendous economic and land development growth in the past few years, despite the overall economic status of the majority of the world. The English to Russian translation not only focused upon a new assessment of land development and potential real estate value, but it reviewed and re-assessed a former appraisal by another company.

Real Estate Translation Growth in 2012

Essentially what this meant for our translators is a highly technical translation from English to Russian. The appraisal and assessment document had high diction and technical terms relevant to land development, zoning, tax customs, and other technicalities specific to Astana city government. Document translation such as this requires experienced translators, who not only have been immersed in English speaking cultures, but have a background in similar professional document translation and real estate terms. Real estate translation, in addition to related categories like real estate appraisal translation, will most likely continue to be projects that are seen more and more, given the rise of its industrial growth and the current real estate market both here and abroad. Because of the current U.S. real estate market, many investors are seeking foreign real estate development, construction and sale opportunities. It is very likely that 2012 will have its fair share of more real estate translations and further technical translations in any number of major languages. To further support this projection, we've also recently provided a fair number of clients with English to Hebrew translation for various construction documents, building and zoning projects, and related industry topics.

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