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Professional Russian Translation of Business Report

February 03, 2013

English to Russian Translation of Business Reportfinancial translation

One of our clients recently submitted another document for professional Russian translation, which was quite similar to other document translations we have provided for them.  This particular client has quite an expansive convenience store operation throughout Armenia and other countries, with regional sales managers, regional directors, and other key players who must have business matters translated between them, fiscal and business corporate heads, and business lenders as well.

Like so many business reports we translate, this one demanded a combination of professional financial translation as well as business translation skills.  Business reports of profit margins and ratios, sales, and other bookeeping matters almost always require a savvy professional translation team that specializes in business and financial translation - in this case, English to Russian translation for business and finance.

International Chain Stores and Businesses Need Regular Translation Servicesbusiness translation

As explained above, chain stores, department stores, and other semi-international to fully internationally expanded businesses require regular translation services for many reasons.  Not only do they need professional translation for communication between corporate heads and regional directors and managers, but marketing/advertising translation is also needed for various areas, when it differs from the original language of headquarters or central business locations.  advertising translation

What's more, whatever is translated for marketing and advertising purposes must undergo meticulous localization  to ensure that the message is both accurately communicated to the intended audience, and that it is culturally and regionally sound in all ways.  This often requires changes in logos, visuals, names, and many other aspects of a global business - and all that is just for starters.  There is an incredible amount of work and effort that goes into expanding a business, business translation for corporate communication, and then localization of advertising/marketing to foreign language audiences and markets.

Our translation teams are always at the ready for such projects, big and small.  Daily operations at Tomedes include both simple document translations of less than 100 words, as well as large localization projects with multi-language requirements and demands for specialized translation skills. 

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