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Russian to English Academic Article Translation

November 23, 2014

By Ofer Tirosh

A Russian academic who wished to have one of his academic papers translated into English contacted Tomedes a short while ago. The client hoped that the English translation would mean that his paper could reach a wider audience. However, the client wasn’t very confident in his English language ability, and struggled to express his desires when initially contacting Tomedes via email.

Mary-Ann, an account manager at Tomedes, and the client’s first point of contact, decided that it might be beneficial to find a translator who would be able to help negotiate the translation’s terms. Generally speaking, Tomedes assigns a project manager to handle all client communication, leaving the translator free to work on the document without interruption or delay to the submission date. 

However, customer service is more important to Tomedes than following set procedures, and so in this case Mary-Ann asked the translator to help negotiate the terms of the translation, which she was happy to do. The client was made to feel at ease communicating in his native language as Diana, the native-speaking Russian translator, relayed the information back to Mary-Ann.  

The client commissioned the project, and was pleased that Tomedes went the extra mile to make sure he was happy with the terms of the contract. Thanks to this, the client agreed to the contract and Diana began work on the paper. 

Over the course of the translation there were a few other questions that arose, and Diana was again able to discuss this with the client directly.

When the finished translation was returned, the client was delighted with the completed paper as well as Tomedes’ exemplary service. As goodbyes were exchanged, the client said he’d be in touch again soon!

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