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Web content translation from English to Hebrew included translation of complex color combinations, paint supplies and materials, itemized products, and much more.

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Russian and Hebrew Translation of Website Content

January 07, 2012

Russian and Hebrew Translation of Web Content

We translate web content for more clients than we could ever count. The interesting thing about website translation and web content translation is the variety of websites and businesses that we service. When you're a translator -and not just any translator, but a high quality one - it becomes our job to think and write in the voice of those whose content we translate, even if we may not be as passionate about their business as they are - its the job of our translation company to translate feeling, passion and customer service dedication for our clients, not just the words on their web pages. Recently this is what we provided for a client when we provided English to Hebrew translation and English to Russian translation of web content for a wood and paints supply business.

Ordinarily, translating items and products on a website can be fairly tedious - but not in this case. Instead of many products that require itemized translations, it was our job to translate specific colors and patterns of paint and wood lacquers, which was actually somewhat enjoyable. Sure, basic colors are one of the very first things anyone learns when they are learning a foreign language - but the colors translated were not basic. Website translation for this particular site included colors like "dark walnut," and "transparent silk," and "cream truffle." While those who don't know much about professional document translation may think colors can easily be a word-for-word translation - that's not always the case. What we may know as "light blue" is not a word-for-word English to Russian translation; "light blue" has its own unique single word in Russian, rather than simply the word blue with a moderator.

Professional Website Translation: Imperative for Global Expansion

It has become more than just "highly recommended" to include official websites as part of the business translation process, for any enterprise that wants to expand globally. Because global trade and exchange is expected to become even more centrally pronounced in business and international enterprising, businesses must now do everything possible to give themselves an advantage. Most foreign language speakers do not trust sites enough to make purchases from when they are not offered in their own language - and Google Translate doesn't even begin to cut it - not to mention, it communicates to foreign language speakers that their business is not important enough to offer your business information in their native language. Really, is it that much to ask?

Web content translation has increasingly become some of the most requested projects we receive, because business owners are becoming all too aware that this is essential in order to capitalize on website transactions and top line revenues. Don't be one of the disadvantaged businesses left behind while others continue to expand globally.

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