Tomedes Showcases the Role of Translation in Creating More Sustainable Mobility Solutions

Tomedes’ English to Spanish technical translations helped a global automotive distributor move into a new part of the Latin American marketplace.

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Tomedes Showcases the Role of Translation in Creating More Sustainable Mobility Solutions

March 10, 2023

When it comes to creating more sustainable environments and lifestyles, businesses, local authorities, and national governments must all work together to deliver innovative and impactful solutions. Translation services are often an effective resource for companies seeking to share such solutions with the world. Just recently, Tomedes contributed to the ambitious responsible growth targets of a global automotive distributor by completing the technical translation of a raft of relevant documents.

The Challenge of Modern Mobility

The challenge for modern automotive providers is to enable a more sustainable movement of people and goods. One of our recent clients has embraced this challenge, working with partners, communities, and governments to provide mobility solutions that prioritize people’s safety and well-being while also respecting planetary priorities. 

In support of this work, the client needed a professional English to Spanish translation of a wide range of documents for a new Latin American market with which it was working. The client uses technology to underpin its modern mobility solutions, so it needed technical expertise for the translation of its policies, procedures, and other documentation.

Why Tomedes Fit the Bill

This was a large job; in total, the client’s documents contained more than 56,000 words. This was one reason that they approached Tomedes—the size of our network of translators meant that we could assign a project manager and multiple linguists to work on the translation simultaneously, thus significantly speeding up the time taken to complete the work. The approach was just what the client wanted: rapid results with the work flowing through the project manager as a single point of contact.

Our ISO qualifications were another reason that the client chose Tomedes over an alternative translation provider. We currently hold three ISO certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems

  • ISO 17100:2015 – Translation Services

  • ISO 18587:2017 – Machine Translation Post-Editing

The client was impressed with our robust approach to quality, as evidenced by these accreditations. Combined with our technical translation expertise, efficient project management, and wealth of local linguists, the client knew they had found the ideal translation solution.

That last point is an important one, as the Spanish language varies considerably around the world. The Spanish used in Spain and the Spanish used in Latin America, for example, have differences in vocabulary, pronouns, and the way the past tense is formed. As such, it was essential for the client that we provided translators local to their new Latin American market, to ensure that the grammar in their translations was spot on for local audiences.

The Ideal Technical Translation Solution

Tomedes’ project manager liaised with the client to understand their needs and priorities, from timescales for the technical translation delivery to key industry terms that their documentation contained, along with how graphics and charts should be treated during the translation process. 

This was a highly technical document translation which required a deep understanding of a range of technical matters, from cloud computing to password protocols. Clearly, the need for accuracy with such documents is paramount, as mistakes could have wide-ranging ramifications for the security of the client’s business—as well as its reputation.

Our project manager discussed the project with several translators, selecting those with the right level of technical knowledge, as well as the correct linguistic background to undertake the work. Throughout the job, she coordinated the work of the translation team, ensuring consistency across the various documents. She also liaised with the client to address queries in a way that minimized disturbances for them while also ensuring that the translation team could continue to progress their work without delay.

This slick and efficient approach to management didn’t happen overnight: Tomedes has been providing translation solutions to business clients for the past 15 years. During that time, we have prioritized customer care, paying careful attention to what works best for clients and shaping our services accordingly. This has left us highly attuned to the needs of busy clients seeking translation services that have minimal impact on their everyday operations.

Ticking All the Right Boxes

This client certainly appreciated our experience in providing efficient translation services to tight timescales. We produced a beautifully translated set of technical documents in Latin American Spanish, precisely in line with the client’s needs. The translation was completed on time and to the high-quality standards for which Tomedes is known.

The client was impressed not just with the speed of our work but with the standard of our customer care and the consistency we delivered across the numerous documents. The resulting translation has supported the client’s smooth transition into a new market, meaning that it can expand its automotive mobility solutions to more urban areas, ultimately benefiting those cities, their populations, and the planet as a whole. These translation solutions for the automotive industry can be attributed to the power of high-quality, well-managed technical translation services and a strong commitment to the value of attentive customer care. 

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