Proofreading and Translation services

Proofreading is often requested as a single service, in order to ensure complete accuracy and professionalism of a previously prepared translation.

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Proofreading and Translation

June 07, 2010

Professional Translation Proofreading Service in Any Language or Industry

Proofreading is a service we offer to clients worldwide on a daily basis, in nearly any language. Whether we receive requests for proofreading of Finnish literary translation for educational purposes, proofreading of technical French translation in Montreal, Spanish translation proofreading for real estate documents in Pasadena, or proofreading for Russian translation of business documents in New York, we have been providing professional translation proofreading for years, and have earned a reputation as one of the leading top translation services for both translation and proofreading. We provide proofreading service in areas such as:

  • Doctoral dissertation proofreading; master's thesis proofreading
  • Government document proofreading, legal document proofreading
  • Translation proofreading for New York, L.A. Miami, and other metro city governments with many needs for translation and translation proofreading service
  • Medical transcription proofreading, medical document proofreading
  • Website translation proofreading and localization
  • IT translation proofreading, technical translation proofreading for engineering industries, computer science, scientific documents, technical legal proofreading and more

We cover any kind of document proofreading service needed, no matter how technical or specialized. If you need a combination service for proofreading of legal document translation and real estate translation, or Spanish proofreading for medical documents and Portuguese IT proofreading, we can provide any translation and proofreading service you need.

Professional Proofreading and Translation for the Lowest Rates

What sets us apart from any other professional translation company is our extremely affordable translation service rates. Other translation services charge at least 50% more than Tomedes - many charge up to 75% more. We offer the lowest translation rates available anywhere.

We have recently provided proofreading services to many clients; including academic proofreading for a Finnish translation, proofreading service for a German marketing translation, and many others. Our reputation, low translation rates, and no-hassle, free quote service for both proofreading and translation, all speaks to our professionalism and high quality as a leading translation agency.

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