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A new client contacted us requesting a medical translation, and he stipulated that the English translator muat have specific experience in the healthcare sector.

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A Professional Swedish Translation of Medical Records

February 08, 2015

People often decide to travel abroad to receive private healthcare that isn’t available in their own country. And we often receive clients wishing to have their medical records translated into a language that their healthcare professional can read. 

When it comes to translating medical records, there’s absolutely no room for error, which is why clients frequently turn to our expert translators for their medical translation needs.

For instance, a new client got in touch with us the other day requesting our medical translation service, and he stipulated that he wanted an English translator with specific experience in the healthcare sector.

Kenette (One of our account managers) was happy to inform the client that only translators with experience in the document’s field are selected to provide a translation, and the specific English translator that he had in mind to work on the document had previously worked as a medical professional. 

The client was happy with this, and he found our service to be very reasonably priced indeed. Due to these factors, the client commissioned the medical translation to proceed.

Thanks to our translator’s expertise, the medical document was worked on with both care and efficiency before being returned to the client a few days later – which even turned out to be before the mutually agreed deadline.

The client was very happy with the quick service, and he was pleased to receive confirmation from Kenette that his medical translation came with a one-year guarantee, authenticating the professional nature of our translation service.

If you require a professional medical translation too, please feel free to get in touch to find out how we can help.

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