Professional Business Translation: Always Make a Professional Impression

For our clients who run a business in foreign or non-native locations, business proposal and business document translation is an essential part of starting up, expanding and maintaining their businesses.

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Professional Business Translation: Always Make a Professional Impression

April 08, 2011

Professional Business Translation Creates an Optimized Impression

For business owners who speak a non-native language and frequently need to write and submit business documents like business loan applications, building permits, SBA business proposals, and much more – the best way to ensure the documents are professional and accurate, is to entrust your business document translation to a leading translation service like us. For instance, there can often be legal terms or obscure words that exist only in such documents. If you are a business owner whose native language is Greek, the only way to ensure professional, error-free documents that are suitable for submission to business authorities, is to have a professional Greek to English translation. To get a free quote on any professional business translation, simply send us your documents using the menu on the left, or email us at with details of your request.

Be Confident About Your Business Proposal Translation

Whether a CEO or a small business owner starts up or expands their businesses, they aren't always in their native country when they do. Business owners of all languages and cultures venture out into non-native countries to start up or expand. Why? One of the most obvious reasons is that the business profits and returns on investment are much more lucrative within a non-native culture or country. For non-native business owners, paperwork like various documents, plans, proposals, building permits, and many other things must be submitted before their doors can open. Business proposal translation is frequently requested by our clients who own small to medium sized businesses. This is because even though most of them speak English, they are more comfortable composing important business documents in their native language. They then entrust their documents to our professional translation services, for anything from Japanese to English, Spanish to English, Russian to English translation, and any other major language pair. A business proposal translation ensures that the document will make the best professional impression, without the risk of grammatical or spelling errors and other common mistakes made when writing in a non-native language.

When a leading, professional translation company is not used for business document translation, it typically results in awkward or strange wording, words being used improperly or sentences that do not flow well in English. This can be both embarrassing, and cast an unprofessional light on your business. When a business loan, or a building permit, or winning over an investor is at stake, why take the risk?

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