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Power and energy company translations are increasingly needed; most recently with Arabic to English translation, English to Japanese translation, and French to English energy translation.

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Power and Energy Company Translation

May 16, 2010

Energy Translation for Aviation Business and More

Recently several businesses within the energy industry have needed translation jobs. One of them was an aviation fuel business, another was for power plant energy technology translation, and the third energy industry translation was for a gas energy company. Energy company translation is all around becoming a more frequent demand for professional translation services. Communication with various energy companies, developers, and other engineers is now a higher priority for North American energy resource developers. Its also not uncommon for individuals to perform their own car fuel conversions or switch to alternative energy resources as a means of greener, more affordable and economical power sources for their homes and businesses. All of these reasons lead to a higher demand for energy business translation.

To get a free quote for any translation of energy source document, energy industry business document, or other materials related, simply copy or upload your text files using the top menu. You'll receive an instant estimate for our services, and you'll also be able to see how much lower our affordable translation rates are compared to other professional translation services.

French to English Translation in Houston, Texas

The French to English translation for the aviation energy company was a large project of over 40,000 words, and therefore required 6 French translators. Furthermore, this particular French energy industry translation needed to be rushed. The company with the source document in France needed it delivered as a completed translation in Houston, Texas within 48 hours, so translators were required to complete the French-English translation in under that amount of time. With six French to English translators, and with the superior technical French translation experience they all have, this kind of demand is not a problem for Tomedes. Projects like this also demand several French proofreaders and an English to French engineering translation expert to serve as translation project supervisor.

Power/Energy Translation from Arabic to English; English to Japanese

The other energy industry projects included an Arabic to English energy translation for a gas company, as well as English to Japanese translation for a power plant. The energy power plant required two years of English to Japanese energy translation experience, or power generation translation experience. Though this may sound like an extremely specialized request, with a network of over 5,000 translators worldwide, Tomedes can easily provide Japanese energy translators with such experience. The same applies for translation from Arabic to English for gas energy companies as well. Our Arabic energy translators are just as easily and quickly assigned, as are any other of our many qualified translators.

While translation for a power plant business may not be the most common of translation requests from a given industry, all kinds of businesses and companies need specific translations within thousands of industries. Tomedes does not restrict our services or translators to only the most common business document translations - we provide affordable, low cost translation for any business in any industry.

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