Portuguese Translation of a Confidential Healthcare Document

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Portuguese Translation of a Confidential Healthcare Document

December 01, 2014

By Ofer Tirosh

Readers of the Recent Translations section of Tomedes’ website will be aware that Tomedes often deals with very important and sensitive material. For example, a client in the healthcare profession recently contacted Tomedes to get a quotation for the translation of a confidential document. 

The client was reassured to discover that all of Tomedes’ staff who are involved with a client’s document have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the text that is worked on. With this reassurance in place, the client decided to go ahead and commission the translation. 

Over the course of the translation the client had some questions regarding ongoing support once the project was completed. Jim, the client’s account manager, was quick to respond and inform the client that Tomedes happily gives a one-year guarantee to all translations. Jim went on to explain that this entails that, should the client think the translation wasn’t up to the required standard, a revision would be provided free of charge by another translator.

This relieved the client’s concerns, as the nature of the document required a completely error-free translation. 

The completed translation was returned to the client before the agreed deadline, and the client was impressed by the quick turnaround. Having double-checked the translation himself with a translator not affiliated with Tomedes, the client decided that Tomedes was indeed as reliable as they claim to be and was eager to work with Tomedes again in the future.

Tomedes frequently deals with sensitive content for a number of different clients, and is happy to take extra measures to ensure that a client feels safe entrusting a document to them.

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