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A client called Tomedes 24/7 contact number the other day with an urgent enquiry: Portuguese to English medical documents translation.

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Portuguese to English Medical Letter Translation

December 11, 2014

Tomedes has a 24/7 contact number that current and potential clients are welcome to use if they want to talk to someone without delay. For instance, a client called the other day with an urgent enquiry: he wished to have some medical documents translated from Portuguese to English with as quick a turnaround as possible. 

The client appreciated Tomedes’ 24/7 telephone availability, as he had a number of questions to ask regarding the translation that would have taken a long time to type out in an email. Thanks to the quick and satisfactory resolution to the client’s concerns, the client went on to approve the translation. 

A translator was soon chosen that had native-speaking ability in both the source and target languages, and also had a general knowledge of medical terminology and phrases. This ensured that the letters would be accurately localized as well as translated.

The completed translation was soon returned to the client, who was very grateful for the quick turnaround. However, the client needed to view the letters quickly and wasn’t near his computer at the time – he only had his smartphone on hand, which wasn’t able to view Microsoft Word files (the format the documents were originally sent to Tomedes in). 

The client sent a quick email to Jim, Tomedes’ translations quality manager, and explained his predicament. Jim replied to the client’s email within minutes, explaining that this wasn’t a problem and that he just converted the translation into a PDF file for the client to view on his phone.

The client was overjoyed by the outstanding customer service Jim provided and was very grateful for his quick response. In a parting email, the client thanked Tomedes for helping him out, and hoped to work with Tomedes again in the future.

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